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Conesus Pike!

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Hot Knots

Never tie an improved clinch again.

The uni knot is versatile, easy to tie, and strong. Use it to tie on hooks or join two lines together with the double uni knot. Works great for tying dissimilar lines together or a leader to braid. For tying a braid backing to heavier mono or even a leader to braid the Red Phillips knot is faster and smaller.

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Some fishing pics. I'm pretty new to most types of fishing, these represent some good memories.

monster brown, close My first steelhead First fly Landlocked Bait Mirror carp Baby Snapper Kueka dawn Spring Rainbow Fall Creek Carp Nice Colors, Smallmouth Kingtown Brown Brown up Close Best Pickerel Ever Lighthouse Brown Final Dig for Bottom South End Salmon Spring Rainbow Why Not? Body Day Bullhead Iced Pike Hello Beautiful Salmon, Close Fall Down Brown Cayuga Carp First Conesus Pike Hooked on Carp! Big Orange Carp Lips Carp Love Nymphs!! Yet Another Carp Pheasant Tail Carp Hot Salmon! Football Brown Beauty Brown Cayuga Rainbow! Hello Rainbow! Great Rainbow! Huh... Late Rainbow! Zoom Chilly Brown Egg Eating Brown Big Drum A Seneca Pike Chris With Bass Fall At Ithaca Falls Early Landlocked Salmon Heron Fishing Salmon River Snow Nice Smallmouth Thousand Islands Smallmouth First Ontario Steelhead Unknown Angler Cold But Good Foggy Keuka Morning Big Laker Got Help With Brown First King Big Brown Fogbow Early Rainbow First Drum Seneca Laker Winter Brown
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