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List of Fish Species in Cayuga Lake

A Current List of Fish Species Present in Cayuga Lake:

Family names in red, followed by Latin and common names.  A plain list of common names follows.  There are currently 49 fish species present in Cayuga Lake.  Nine have been introduced, three of which are stocked game fish:  Atlantic salmon, brown trout, and rainbow trout.  Other coldwater introductions are the alewife, rainbow smelt, and sea lamprey.  The warmwater species are the common carp, grass carp, and goldfish.

Petromyzontidae:  Lampreys

  • Petromyzon marinus   sea lamprey

Acipenseridae:  Sturgeons

  • Acipenser fulvescens   lake sturgeon

Lepisosteidae:  Gars

  • Lepisosteus osseus   longnose gar

Amiidae:  Bowfin

  • Amia calva   bowfin

Anguillidae:  Freshwater Eels

  • Anguilla rostrata   american eel

Clupeidae:  Herrings, Sardines, Shads

  • Alosa psuedoharengus   alewife
  • Dorosoma cepedianum   gizzard shad

Sciaenidae:  Croakers and Drums

  • Aplodinotus grunniens   freshwater drum

Cyprinidae:  Carps and Minnows

  • Carassius auratus   goldfish
  • Ctenopharyngodon idella   grass carp (sterile triploid)
  • Cyprinella analostanus   satinfin shiner
  • Cyprinus carpio   common carp
  • Notemigonus crysoleucas   golden shiner
  • Notropis hudsonius   spottail shiner
  • Rhinicthys atratulus   blacknose dace
  • Rhinicthys cataractae longnose dace
  • Semotilus atromaculatus   creek chub
  • Semotilus corporalis   fallfish

Catostomidae:  Suckers

  • Catostomus commersoni   white sucker
  • Hypentelium nigricans   northern hog sucker
  • Moxostoma sp.   redhorse

Ictaluridae:  Bullhead and Freshwater Catfish

  • Ameiurus nebulosus   brown bullhead
  • Ictalurus punctatus   channel catfish
  • Notorus flavus   stonecat

Esocidae:  Pickerels and Pikes

  • Esox lucius   northern pike
  • Esox niger   chain pickerel

Osmeridae:  Smelts

  • Osmerus mordax   rainbow smelt

Salmonidae:  Salmons and Trouts

  • Coregonus artedi   cisco
  • Coregonus clupeaformis   lake whitefish
  • Oncorhynchus mykiss   rainbow trout
  • Salmo salar   Atlantic salmon
  • Salmo trutta   brown trout
  • Salvelinus namaycush   lake trout

Percopsidae:  Trout-Perches

  • Percopsis omiscomaycus   troutperch

Gasterosteidae:  Sticklebacks

  • Culaea inconstans   brook stickleback

Cottidae:  Sculpins

  • Cottus cognatus   slimy sculpin

Moronidae:  Temperate Basses

  • Morone americana   white perch
  • Morone chrysops   white bass

Centrarchidae:  Sunfishes

  • Ambloplites rupestris   rock bass
  • Lepomis gibbosus   pumpkinseed
  • Lepomis macrochirus   bluegill
  • Micropterus dolomieui   smallmouth bass
  • Micropterus salmoides   largemouth bass
  • Pomoxis nigromaculatus   black crappie
  • Pomoxis annularis   white crappie

Percidae:  Perches and True Perches

  • Etheostoma olmstedi   tesselated darter
  • Perca flavescens   yellow perch
  • Percina caprodes   logperch
  • Stizostedion vitruem   walleye

List of Common Names of Fish Species in Cayuga Lake:

  • alewife (sawbelly)
  • American eel
  • Atlantic salmon
  • black crappie
  • blacknose dace
  • bluegill (sunfish)
  • bowfin
  • brook stickleback
  • brown bullhead
  • brown trout
  • chain pickerel
  • channel catfish
  • cisco
  • common carp
  • creek chub
  • fallfish
  • freshwater drum (sheephead)
  • gizzard shad
  • golden shiner
  • goldfish
  • grass carp (sterile)
  • sea lamprey
  • lake sturgeon
  • lake trout (laker)
  • lake whitefish
  • largemouth bass
  • longnose dace
  • longnose gar (garpike, gar-pike)
  • logperch
  • northern hog sucker
  • northern pike
  • pumpkinseed (sunfish)
  • rainbow smelt
  • rainbow trout
  • redhorse
  • rock bass
  • satinfin shiner
  • slimy sculpin
  • smallmouth bass
  • spottail shiner
  • stonecat
  • tesselated darter
  • troutperch (trout-perch)
  • walleye
  • white bass
  • white crappie
  • white perch
  • white sucker
  • yellow perch


The presence of the American eel in Cayuga Lake has not been recorded since the 1980's.  Similarly, the presence of the whitefish and cisco are in doubt, but it's very difficult to prove the absence of a species.

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Sources:  Chiotti, 1980.  Cayuga Lake Watershed Preliminary Watershed Characterization, Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization, 2000.  Fishbase.orgAnimal Diversity Web.   Personal identification (goldfish and grass carp).

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